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Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Prince of Peace Conference

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul was founded in 1833 by Blessed Frédéric Ozanam, a 20 year old college student in France. In answer to a taunt for Christians to “practice what they preach,” Frédéric and a group of fellow students started to seek out and visit the poor of Paris in their homes, taking them bread and clothes, their friendship and their concern. This small group took as their patron the great French priest, who alerted the world to social problems, Saint Vincent de Paul. Similar groups began in Paris, then in the rest of France, and eventually they spread throughout the Christian world with the object of visiting, for the love of God, those in need.


This Society is a Catholic lay organization that helps the poor and those in temporary need. It is not a social service agency; but a person to person Catholic ministry that sees the face of Christ in those who are suffering.


As Jesus said, “The poor will always be with us.”  People in need are found not only in Altus and the surrounding community; but right here in our church family. Last year the Prince of Peace Conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul provided assistance to 2,100 people. Assistance ranges from temporary shelter, to rent and utilities, medicine, gasoline for traveling to medical appointments, food, and other miscellaneous expenses.


Twice a year, January and July, our Conference sponsors food drives. What is donated is taken to the Community Food Bank. For Christmas our Conference sponsors twelve food baskets. The baskets also contain small items (such as hats, mittens, and socks) for the children in the family, as well as an item for the parents. Our Conference also has an ongoing drive for plastic and paper sacks. A well-kept box is in the Northwest corner of the gathering space. These sacks are delivered to the Community Food Bank to be used to deliver food to the needy. And of course, what is Christmas without toys for the children? So, our Conference also collects both new and gently used toys to donate and distribute.


Without each of you, this would not be possible.  We sincerely appreciate your assistance whether it be with your time, talent, or treasure.





To assist with the good works of our Parish St. Vincent De Paul Society:

Please contact Fr. Stanley at 580-482-3363, ext. 4


For more information about the national organization, please visit:


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